HCN Live TV: Tool Time Tuesday- Anella Wetter Interview

May 16, 2017

Join our Host Anne-Marie Wiesman and a special guest every Tuesday at noon EST to discuss and learn various Healing Tools, Techniques, and Tips! Weekly here at fb/HCNLive.tv

This week's guest is Anella Wetter. Anella Wetter (M.Ed., RYT® is a speaker, a workshop leader, a Registered Yoga Teacher, and an Empowerment Coach, and teaches that self-knowledge is the most important way to stand fully in one’s personal power. Anella teaches clients how they can shift their own energy to activate healing at a soul level to attract everything they desire in life.

Anella draws upon what she’s learned from her life’s relationships, which have been her greatest teachers. She is a mother of two, successful 20-something’s; a women who chose to exit a 22-year marriage and whose post-divorce 40’s included a series of ridiculous relationships, until she declared that she is worth having the man of her dreams (and she does!); a corporate sales manager who coached team members to achieve personal and professional success; a mother of two, successful twenty-somethings; a woman who has stepped into the full pursuit of deeply understanding her own, beautiful spirit.

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